You never fully appreciate a good thing until it’s gone

January 25, 2011
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

Much to my dismay, Fresh Air Natural Foods, my source for all things “healthy” has closed after 20 years of business. I mourn this loss for (mostly) selfish reasons.

  1. The vast amounts of flours, grains & beans gave me easy access to foods not commonly sold in our local grocery store (quinoa, whole wheat pastry flour, millet, etc).
  2. The prices were reasonable and buying in  gave me the ability to buy smaller amounts of items eaten less frequently.
  3. The most selfish reason-I often gave myself a nice pat on the back when I bypassed Whole Foods in favor of our local store.

Shopping local has it benefits and I admit that skipping the big organic grocer not only saved me time & money, it gave me the rights to boast that I support our local economy.  But alas, my support was not enough and my beloved store closed its doors. This has lead to much discouragement as having a store like this in Lynchburg gave me easy access to cooking healthy & delicious food.  Now my grain & flour purchases are going to take much more careful planning…road trip to Charlottesville anyone?

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