What’s for Dinner?


I’ve really come to love cooking at home, especially for a big group. One of my favorite meals to create is an Asian feast. I’d been dreaming about it for months, so decided this past Saturday would be the day. If anyone is interested in specific recipes, I’ll be happy to share!

The menu

Beef satay: very thinly sliced & skewered, (homemade!) teriyaki marinated flank steak, grilled

Szechuan chicken: modified teriyaki marinade, kicked up several notches, grilled

Fried rice: has to be peanut oil. Sorry for those of you who can’t eat peanut products-it really does
make a huge difference! Sweet onion, white parts of green onion & cage free eggs sautéed in peanut
oil, combined with brown basmati rice (precooked & chilled!), and low sodium soy sauce.

Stir fried vegetables: splash of sesame oil, lots of garlic & ginger, sweet onion, bok choy, red/yellow/orange peppers, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts & baby corn.

Wontons: My favorite! Years ago, when my family first started making them, we used Jimmy Dean hot
sausage (I know it sounds weird, but trust me!), of course the staples-ginger, garlic, green onions, soy, sesame & some minced water chestnuts (they add great crunch!). We hand rolled each wonton, then fried them to golden brown. Great stuff, but loaded with fat! A few years ago, mom found a recipe
in a magazine for baked wontons. Use muffin pans, very lightly sprayed; press wonton wrappers into
pan, then spray very lightly again. Bake at 350F for 6-8 minutes, until golden brown & crunchy. For
the filling, I decided Saturday I’d try to knock off a bit more of the fat & calories by doing a 50/50 mix
of Jimmy Dean & ground chicken breast meat. I added a good bit more seasoning then I usually do-
especially garlic. Spoon fully cooked/hot filling into baked wonton wrappers at very last minute. They were, unanimously, the best wontons yet! Topped with homemade spicy mustard (Colemans mustard powder, water, juice of one orange, dijon mustard to taste). YUM!

I’m not a demonstrative person. I’m not really a hugger…don’t show/talk about my feelings, etc. But
the one way I do express myself…my favorite way to do so, is through food. Really tasty & healthy food, prepared with love.

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