Tree Hugger?

April 22, 2011
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian

“Tree hugger” I am not. But I like to think of myself as someone who is concerned about the environment. Shop at the farmers market & buy locally: check. Limit consumption of animal products: check. Recycle, limit food waste: check, check. Limit trash that goes into the landfill....uhhh, this one is a little more complicated. I recently bought my husband a Keurig coffee maker, which, truth be told, is used more often by me. I am one of those people who prefer a fresh made-to-order cup of hot coffee rather than coffee that has been sitting in a pot for 2 hours. So those hot steamy cups of coffee have become my new best friend. A cup of decaf at 2pm? Sure no problem! Just pop the pod in the pot and it is ready to go.
Ahh, the pod… here is my dilemma. Those pesky pods are nagging at my environmentalist-wanna-be soul. Each time I place one of those pods in the trash my heart wrenches and I know I am contributing pod by pod to the destruction of our great environment. What’s a girl to do? So while I am saving money & some waste (less trips to Starbucks & no paper cups), I am under no illusion that I am doing the environment any favors.
Keurig does address social responsibility on their website. While good in theory, it does not solve my current predicament. So, I must admit I won't totally kick my pod addiction, but I am going to try the "My K-Cup" which is a reusable filter cartridge that can be refilled with your own coffee. Although I have heard this can be cumbersome, really how hard can it be?!
If I pull this off maybe I can switch to cloth diapers…

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