‘Tis the season… of overindulgence?

December 7, 2011
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

In the season of overindulgence & post holiday weight gain, I thought this column from appforhealth was timely.
Enjoy the read!

While research shows that few people who lose weight keep it off for good, and there are several reasons why keeping pounds off is so hard. Despite the fact that our bodies naturally may want to return to your heavier weight, there are studies based on individuals who have lost significant amounts of body weight and have kept if off for years. You may not be able to do all 10 of them, but try to do as many as you can

  • Be clear on what motivates you:

Make sure you got more to gain from keeping the pounds off long term.

  • Believe in your abilities to master weight control:

Loose the self-doubt, develop a strong will and can-do attitude.

  • Get and stay active:
  • Simplify your eating:

Set rules for yourself to control your food options and amounts. Perhaps you only have dessert at the end of a restaurant meal or at an ice cream shop and don

  • Develop better coping skills:

There WILL be ups and downs in life

  • Track your progress:

Yes that means record what you eat, how much activity you do and more. Suffice to say as much as record keeping is a pain, studies regularly support their importance.

  • Weigh yourself regularly
  • Know your weight by weighing often. Figure out how often is right for you.
  • Develop a relapse prevention plan:

Have a plan in mind before you need it. Put it into action as soon as a few pounds on the scale stare you down.

  • Put a support system in place:

Continuous support is a must. What
Know what works for you.

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