Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions

Jan 9, 2013
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

As I have mentioned previously I am not big on “new year” resolutions as I think you can make resolutions any time of year and waiting until the New Year just gives you an excuse to put it off (well at least it gives me an excuse).   I decided before the date officially turned 2013 I would resolve to try to make positive changes in my life.

  1. Be more mindful.  This applies to all facets of my life, from what I put in my mouth to how I speak to my children.  This is not easy when you are tired and your 3 year old is demanding cookies for breakfast or when its dinnertime and nothing is prepared, but if I just pause, take a deep breath and think about my actions, I am less likely to say (or eat) something I regret.
  2. Plan More.  This especially applies to meals.  If I have healthier options on hand, it is a no-brainer that I am less likely to eat only chocolate for lunch.  Though it is not easy with 3 little boys demanding your full attention, I try to take time every day and cut up vegetables or pre–prep some type of healthy dinner option.  I am always on the look out for meal ideas, you can never have too many.
  3. Get up earlier & exercise.  What a difference an hour makes.  At the start of Christmas break I made a pact with myself to start getting up earlier to exercise. Though it is hard to wake up when there is no light of day, it makes for a less hectic morning.  It helps me to have a running buddy, as I know they are counting on me too.
  4. Go to bed one hour earlier.  This goes right along with my exercise resolution. Research shows the less we sleep, the more we weigh which certainly is a good reason to go to bed earlier (and truth be told, who doesn't long for more sleep?)

All of these resolutions are a work in progress, which really is how life works.  I am staying away from the "all or nothing" mentality and just doing the best I can each day.
Happy New Year!


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