The sweet side of bitter greens

October 17, 2012
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian,

This past week hasn't provided much inspiration for meals given my oldest son Oliver has been laid up with the GI bug.  In between cleaning up messes I haven't exactly been inspired to prepare gourmet meals in the kitchen.  However, I still need to eat, and despite some unpleasant scents (before cleaning with a vengeance) my hunger has not dissipated.  In a lucky turn of events, I received an abundance of greens from our CSA, and at the same time I stumbled upon this 'no cook' method for bitter greens. This is a delicious, quick way to prepare kale, spinach and any other green that comes your way.  The beauty is that I can prepare the greens in 2 minutes flat and sit down and enjoy a nutritious meal.  Yesterday I made the greens, boiled some whole wheat pasta and voila, my dinner.  Of course, now that Oliver is back to feeling well I expect "bitter" greens will not be on the nightly menu (well maybe just for me).

Source: eatingwell

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