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Featured Farmer: Frank Massey

Where’s the Beef…from?

We buy between 400 and 1600 pounds of beef from Frank Massey’s Tomahawk Hill Farm each month!

Frank Massey is officially the Gifts Discernment Coordinator here at Guilford.
In addition to serving Friends Center, Frank also teaches Quaker Studies, is the pastoral minister of Jamestown Friends Meeting, and is the past general secretary of Baltimore Yearly Meeting.

Here’s what he has to say about Tomahawk Hill Farm:

“Tomahawk Hill Farm, a small family farm nearAsheboro,North Carolina. We raise grass-fed beef on the gently rolling hills ofNorth Carolina’s piedmont, on a farm that has been in the family for four generations.

Tomahawk Hill Farm is a part of a growing movement to offer our community and beyond with nourishing, taste-full beef that provides the health, environmental and locale benefits that have so long been associated with family farms. Because we are small, we intimately know and care for our cows, our land, and our customers.

Our cows are raised from birth for their entire lives on grass and soil that is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Our cows don’t receive any synthetic hormones and aren’t fed any antibiotics which means they grow as quickly as nature intended them to grow.”