Looking Back on Thanksgiving


I wrote this blog about a month ago. As I say in the first paragraph, it was to be posted while I was out recovering from surgery. It ended up being extra, but the sentiment behind it is so strong, I wanted to put it out there. I’ve had a lot of time to recover-both from dads passing & from my surgery. Funny how things happen-I know I wouldn’t have taken the time to mourn had I not been forced to remain inactive to allow my body to recover from surgery. I’m still counting my many blessings. Thank you, dad, for showing me to always look at the glass as half full.

I’m sitting here thinking about a topic for a blog post. I have to get a post ready…I’m going to be out for several weeks for surgery, starting tomorrow. I’m racking my brain, as I usually do, when thinking about something to write about. I really enjoyed writing my last post, about making split pea soup. I look forward to doing many more posts about food & cooking. But today I’m short on time, and short on ideas.

Thinking back over the past few weeks, it’s been pretty rough. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday…in fact I’ve blogged about it before. Showing love by preparing delicious family favorites, the recipes handed down through the generations. Coming together with loved ones, be they friends, family, or new acquaintances that we’re excited about getting to know better. All of us, sitting around the table, set with mom’s beautiful china, laughing over stories we’ve told over & over, all part of the Thanksgiving tradition. And an entire day devoted to giving thanks for all our blessings…could it get any better?!

This year though, Thanksgiving was more melancholy than joyous. Dad was in the hospital, so we weren’t all together. The stories were more serious, not about funny happenings, but about his tremendous strength & determination. We still counted our blessings, very thankful that he was still fighting, not ready to let go. Hopeful that he would stay with us, for a few more Thanksgivings, a few more Christmases, a few more opportunities to create memories that we can share & laugh about in the years to come.

I realize now his spirit will always be with us. He lives on in our hearts, in our own determination to live up what he hoped we would be, what he worked hard his entire life to make sure we could be. I’m very thankful he was my dad, and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend so many Thanksgivings with him. And look forward to all the Thanksgivings of tomorrow, honoring him by living my life to the fullest.

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