Let’s end on a Local Note

It’s been an incredible semester, with lots of tasty local food. We want make sure we end the year on a good local note, so we’re throwing one more local banquet in the Founders Dining Hall, Friday 7 December.

Of the many tasty local treats we’re serving, two have stories worth telling.

First, there’s the tale of two businesses.

Deep Roots Market sold these tasty local turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. They bought more than they could sell, so we took them off their hands. Eating Local is as much about the distance food travels as it is about building relationships within your community. Working together with other businesses we can help keep money spent close to home, reduce waste, and help each other out in a pinch. Everybody wins, especially you, because these turkeys are delicious!

The turkeys come from Tendergrass Farms in Floyd, VA and were pastured, so they never saw the inside of a cage. The meat is free of hormones and antibiotics, and is leaner than you would normally see from a turkey raised on a factory farm. That translates into one tasty meal!


And then there’s Pine Trough Branch Farm and Worth Kimmel.


I met Worth through a mutual acquaintance who thought we were kindred spirits. Knowing what Worth does, that’s a huge compliment.

Worth, and his sister Jenney,  run a farm that’s been in the family for three generations.  They practice what is called “management intensive grazing.”  Basically, they raise hogs in the woods on acorns, like nature intended, and manage the impact the hogs have on the woods and the amount the hogs get to eat by moving them around with a portable electric fence.

The hogs love it, they’re some of the happiest pigs I’ve ever seen, and after a morning there I could understand why. The farm is 118 acres of fenced in pasture and woodland with spring fed streams on either side of the property. In the early fall morning it felt like I was visiting another time. The buildings were wooden, and obviously handmade with a care you rarely see. And everything, from the trees, to the dog, even the hogs had personality to spare.

The morning I visited we sat down to talk business, and sample some delicious home made bacon! I could tell from our conversation, and the flavor of the bacon that Worth puts a lot of love into what he does. You’ll get to taste a little bit of that love on Friday. We have a whole hog from Worth coming just for you!

So please join us Friday from 5-7pm in the Founders Dining Hall for another tasty Local meal!