Lemon Pudding with Berries

Serves 6

3⁄4c - sugar
1⁄4c - cornstarch
21⁄2c - milk
3lg - egg yolks,lightly beaten
2T - finely grated lemon zest
1 - pinch salt
1⁄2c - fresh lemon juice
2T - butter, softened
1lb - fresh berries

  1. Whisk sugar & corn starch in 2-qt saucepan
  2. Gradually add milk, whisk until smooth
  3. Add egg yolks,lemon zest, salt
  4. Cook on med-high, stir until thickens & coats spoon
  5. Remove from heat,stir in lemon juice & butter
  6. Pour through fine mesh strainer into individual serving dishes
  7. Cover with plastic wrap, chill for minimum 2 hours
  8. Top with berries and mint

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