Guilford Dining in the News

We’ve been getting a little bit of attention in the news lately for our efforts to divert 100% of food waste away from the landfill through the use of the Food Waste Digester. The FWD is a machine that uses patented microbes to break down from 300 pounds up to 2,400 pounds of food waste into a liquid form within 24 hours. This method allows food to be disposed by gravity into a floor drain to a wastewater treatment facility. Using the FWD ensures that the liquefied food matter stays out of landfills.

from a press release by Waste Industries, who supply the digester to Guilford:

“According to Chris Blain, the retail and sustainability manager for Meriwether Godsey who manages Guilford Dining, “The FWD is a perfect fit. It is essentially a mechanical stomach that breaks down food and eliminates it in an ecological way that aligns with the college’s stance on environmental sustainability. This technology allows us to manage food waste that composting alone could not. The FWD program not only promotes responsibility among students to decrease food waste, but allows GC to lead by example to other colleges and universities.”

Additional benefits of the FWD include: reduction in grease tank accumulations and number of required pump outs resulting in efficient operation, reduction in use of trash bags, reduction of on-site food storage and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

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And in case you feel like you need your own mini digester, you can find out more about those here.



And of course, the Guilfordian version of the path your leftovers take…