Food Week & Our Fall MeadowFed


 Tomorrow we begin celebrating Food Week here at Guilford. Students came up with the idea of turning National Food Day into a week long event with movies, speakers, cooking demos, a farmers market here on campus, a fermentation dinner, and of course, or bi-annual Meadow Fed dinner at the Guilford Farm.

Learn more about each of the events here or here.

Having a whole week of events celebrating food, and educating people about where it comes from and how that affects our bodies and planet is my bread and butter. That’s why I’m here. But by far my favorite part of the whole thing is the Meadow Fed Dinner.

Last year at about this time a student, Bennett Christian, came to us hoping to do a dinner at the farm to celebrate the end of the harvest season, and give the Guilford community a chance to enjoy its young farm. Since that dinner we’ve done three more. This farm meal thing has taken on a mind of its own, and now we’re going to be doing four or five of them a year! Almost everything we serve at these meals comes from the Guilford Farm or other North Carolina farms and family owned businesses.

The idea of farm to table can be abstract, and easy to ignore if you’re not already tuned into the locavore movement. There is nothing abstract about eating vegetables while sitting just a few yards away from where they grew. Even the most traditional of eaters knows somewhere down in their gut that being close to the earth that your food came from, and the people that grew it is a good thing. That experience feeds people in a way that fast food can never hope to.

I could ramble on about how amazing the food will be, or how it will change your life, but won’t. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Join us this Thursday at the Guilford Farm (past the soccer field and the New Garden Friends School) from 5-7:30pm for some tasty local food and good company.