Featured Farmer: Anthony Bono, Flora Ridge Farm

Who: Anthony and Joy Bono

What: Hydroponically Grown Lettuces

Where: Salad Bar

The Story:

Flora Ridge Farm is located in the town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Flora Ridge Farm is one of the few farms to use Hydroponic Technology to produce the finest and highest quality greens on the market today. Anthony and Joy Bono own and operate the farm ensuring that the products are grown with love, care and extreme dedication. The Flora Ridge Farm slogan is “It can’t be any fresher cause it’s still growing,” and that pretty much says it all about the beautiful color and flavors of the greens that are produced. Flora Ridge is a small operation, but that allows Anthony to put extra time and efforts into the growing operation. Smaller IS better in this case!

Hydroponics is a subset of hydrocultureand is a method of growing plantsusing mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Plants may be grown with their roots in the mineral nutrient solution only or in a variety of mediums.


Since Flora Ridge can grow their greens regardless of the season, we’re able to offer fresh, local lettuce on the salad bar year round! Flora Ridge Farm work with us on a weekly basis to provide for us the very best Greens that we can get in all of North Carolina!