By: Craig Munhall, Executive Chef
What’s “C-MO”?  It’s me!  Craig Munhall (aka C-MO) and as of October I have been the Executive Chef here at Guilford Dining.   I’ve been at Guilford since 2008, mostly handling catering and being a part of overall management.  This new role is allowing me to express my passion for food.  I love food! You wouldn’t know it because I’m paper thin (NOT!).  Truthfully, one look at me and you’d say – “this guy loves food!” and that’s okay.  Too bad I’m not as driven to work out!

In addition to having fun with food, I’m going to be having a little fun with this blog, sharing what’s happening with food and what we’re doing in and around dining.  I want it to be fun and informative, and helps me relate more with everyone at Guilford.  But you’ll let me know if any of that’s working, right?  I’m so grateful to be here, Guilford has the best faculty and staff I’ve worked with and the best students.  You guys make my day.

Feedback is very important to me, everything from the comment cards in the dining hall to “likes” on our facebook page, I love it.  It has been said that “feedback is the breakfast of champions” and I believe it.  So going forward I invite everyone to communicate with me or the other dining staff any of your likes, dislikes, and suggestions.

We have a lot planned for this coming semester.  We’re going to start with a French themed meal on the 13th and there are many more theme meals to come.  We’ve made changes to our Pizza menu and soon you’ll be able to order pizzas online!  Please take advantage of our delivery service, stay warm and let us brave the cold! We’ll be holding our first food committee meeting of the semester on Jan 31st and we’re going to be holding a raffle for attendance, details to come.  And lots of stuff will be happening on facebook – more coupons for pizza for starters.

I’m keeping it short, but want you to know we’re here in the kitchen getting ready for your return.  It’s too quiet! Montese is blasting Maxwell out of this beat-up boom box as she’s making a cheese dip for a catering event.  Four fresh cheeses:  mozzarella, sharp cheddar, Swiss, and provolone = delicious!  Ann is here making dressings for tomorrow: our house, balsamic vinaigrette, and the ever popular ranch.  I’m working on the staff schedule for next week.  What’s missing is serving lunch to 500 plus people!  So travel safely and we’ll see you soon!

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