Breakfast of “Champions?”

March 29, 2011
Sherri Meyer, MG Registered Dietitian

Recently we made a trip to see my nephews in Ohio. My 3 year old son, Oliver, was beyond excited and wanted nothing more than to be just like his 8 year old cousins. Of course, this included eating anything and everything his cousins ingested. Fortunately, right now I still have some control over what Oliver is offered for his meals. However, as he grows up, I will gradually lose that control. Perhaps that loss is coming sooner that I had hoped. 
When I went to the kitchen Saturday morning, the three cousins were lined up in front of the television mesmerized by Sponge Bob and shoveling down Lucky Charms cereal. The dietitian in me was horrified..."meals in front of the TV eating high sugar cereal... this is going to lead to a lifetime of obesity!" Luckily the rational side of me took over and I realized that this one-time breakfast enjoyed with his cousins wasn't going to make or break my son's health. Plus, I know it is not about these "special occasion" meals or treats but more about what we do the majority of the day. As long as children are active and their TV time is limited they will likely grow into healthy adults. So, I let Oliver munch on bowl after bowl of Lucky Charms (then, out came the Fruit Loops) in front of the TV, knowing that when we got home, it would be back to his "healthy" breakfast.  
However, when my nephews requested McDonalds for lunch an hour later, I said "no."  After all, I had to draw the line somewhere!


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