April recipe: Spring Veggie Rolls

Makes 12

1/3 — head green cabbage, cored & chopped into thin strips
1/2 c —
snow peas, sliced into thin strips
3/4 c —
shiitake mushrooms, stems removed, sliced thin
3 —
each scallions, chopped
2 —
carrots, grated
2T —
soy sauce
1T —
sesame oil
1 —
bunch fresh mint
rice paper skins*

  1. Combine all ingredients (except wrappers & water), stir to coat
  2. Submerge wrappers in water, one at time, until just pliable
  3. Place 2 to 3T filling in each wrapper.
  4. Place three mint leaves on top & wrap spring rolls, tuck sides as roll

Serve with dipping sauces (spicy peanut sauce, soy dipping sauce)

*Available in Asian sections

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