April Recipe: Spring Pea & Mint Soup

Serves 10

4t - oliveoil
1c - shallots,minced
2t - garlic,fresh minced
8c - petite peas, fresh/shelledor frozen thawed
51⁄2c - chicken or vegetable broth
1⁄3c - fresh mint chiffonade
1t -salt
1⁄2t - pepper

  1. Heat oil in large pot over medium heat
  2. Add shallots & garlic,sauté until tender, 7 minutes
  3. Add peas & stir1min, add broth, bring to simmer
  4. Cook peas until tender,about 8 minutes
  5. Puree soup & mint in batches until smooth
  6. Return to pot, thin with more broth if desired, add s&p
  7. Ladle into bowls, garnish with chopped mint

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